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The Real Life

With a big influenced by tv commercial, news and people around me, i’ve decided to sponsor a child with only a little bucks a month that i can afford.

Here guys, please let me introduce you my son, Pablo Luis A, he’s now 6 year-old living in Chile. I also got another child named Daniel Francisc but i’ll talk about him next.

Right now, impoverished children all over the world suffer in silence. Born into poverty, often to parents struggling to survive on just pennies a day, these poor children often live without access to medical care, a good education, adequate housing, decent clothing or a chance for a better future.

But if you can help with only as little as USD22 a month, by anyway either you eat French toast instead of McDonald or drink green tea instead of Starbucks every month, you can definitely take up for sponsorship!

Through the affordable, monthly giving program, sponsored children receive the right help at the right time, including:

  • Health care and medicine
  • Dental care
  • Malnutrition screenings and nutritional support
  • Sturdy clothing and shoes
  • School supplies and improved access to education
  • Encouragement and hope

Sponsors get much in return. Regular letters and photos from sponsored children help them see how their donations change lives. And sponsorship gives sponsors a tremendous sense of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment…all through helping a needy child have a better life.

So guys do something wonderful….sponsor a child today! Visit http://www.children.org

I miss penang food very much, since leaving home for roughly 8 months now, i never had anything penang taste. I tried curry in Hong Kong and Macau, its spices mixed up well and smell good but its has no spicy at all! I personally preferred to spicy so the food here ain’t fancy my appetite.

The other day i was talking to 1 of my Nepalese friend Session who had a same day off as me about having dinner together with others. I’m dying for curry so i brought up the curry talk and ha-ha-ha, he likes curry too, its obviously we can’t have anything other than curry for dinner.

Yesterday was the day we planed, i headed to his apartment at the middle of the day, i thought we can start to cook, but then he told me that he don’t cook and worst, i just realized i have no idea how to chop the chicken!!!
So we only have to wait for other guy to take care of the curry chicken. Luckily we have a great chief who can manage to cook perfectly, his cooking is yummy, unfortunately he’s not really a chief in restaurant…

The rest of the day, we had lotsa fun, a truly different feel like before, simply but fun.

A special thanks to

  • Suraj for chopping chicken
  • Chef for a great great great curry and side dishes
  • Session for the beers
  • Golden for taking part
  • ME for organizing lol..
  • ALL for your spare time


(pronounce as ‘namaste’ mean Hello!)

Malaysian always proud of multi linguistic, most of us know more than 3 languages and that’s one of the reason why the foreign firms are interested to employ us always. Since working in Macau, i made lotsa friends, they’re from different countries of the world like china, hong kong, taiwan, macau, nepal, phillipine, indonesia, thailand, portugal, british etc. So, why i’m learning nepali instead of other languages? Simply because they’re the good friends and me! I kind of think of nepali is dead hard one and i ain’t get much familiarize into it for now.

Nepali is far more difficult than English in general, and writing would kill me! Well, that’s only my initial thought, i need times to brighten up.

Anyway, it’s time to reverse, will be back later with more update.

The other day i was on the way back home, and i saw a chinese girl heading toward my way, she was sort of talking to me but i was listened to my mp3, so i didn’t heard her actually. I had a huge sense that her attempt wasn’t friendly to me and i tried to ignored but maybe she had a pretty face that everyone just can’t resist so i turned out to her eventually.

OK! my thought was right, she made a bunch of craps (she told the story that she’s from Shanghai and she and her friends were separated and she needs $$$ to buy foods and she even ask my digit as she can pay me back after this, [oh lady, not a chance, i won’t fuck with anonymous!]). To be honest, i had experienced this kind of beggars several times during my visit to China last time and i just don’t understand why would this same thing now happen to Macau? Many of them were just lying for $$$ and you have no idea how much $$$ they can made from lying people? Let say they got 20 people ‘hunted’ everyday for a month and everyone are paying only 10 bucks, that’s 200 bucks a day and 6000 bucks a month! I’m just talking the minimum here, the actual figure could be few times bigger!!!

As i said, no ones can resist from paying, its means an ordinary man like me will jump down the trap either even though i know i might get hurt, poor mankind…

OK, i spent 20 bucks for nothing to fuck at last!!!

Dang it….

Astral projection is a paranormal interpretation of an out-of-body experienced achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep mediation. The concept of astral projection assumes the existence of another body, separate from the physical body and capable of traveling to non-physical planes of existence. Commonly such planes are called astral or spiritual. Astral projection is often experienced as the spirit or astral body leaving the physical body to travel in the spirit world or astral plane.

I started practices this about 3 months ago and i had experienced more than 5 times so far and tonight, i gonna share with you how was it like my first time. So 3 months back, i was surfing on the forum reading posts and i found the one astral projection post. I went through it and you know the metaphysics thing really hit me so i decided to gave it a try.

They said to do this you should first:

  1. Go to bed 2 hours later your regular curfew time…check!
  2. Set the alarm clock to 4 hours later…check!
  3. Get up for a walk to awake your mind but no excessive…check!
  4. Go to bed again after 30 minutes…check!
  5. Laying on the bed and relax…check!
  6. Try to force yourself into sleep…check!
  7. You will hearing some white noise and your head start shaking…check!
  8. Don’t panic, the symptoms will gone…check!
  9. Remind yourself to stay your head in conscious while sleep…check
  10. Relax your head and body…check!
  11. You will find yourself falling sleep and begin unconscious…check!
  12. Use your mind to force yourself get out from the body…check!

I felt like i was ripped off apart, the feeling was so intense and i can’t seen nothing from the initial, within seconds, i see some light, dimmer but familiar, i was in my room! My vision became wider like everything is fit into my eye 180! and i can still remember when i turned back, i saw another me(my physical body) laying on the bed sleeping!!!(ouch!) i tried to went out from my room and the door was shut, if i really want to outta there, i should do something, so i put my hand over tried to open the door but it actually passed through it, i was like OK, maybe i can go through that door and its work eventually!

On the other side of the door, i was in a place other than my living room. It’s a temple and they’re playing the scriptures , no ones was there with me. I walked around, i saw a dark room that made me felt very uncomfortable so i just walked away to the other side! I saw staircase that connected to downstairs but i didn’t approached because i saw something strange happen, dummy of Guan Yin Ma is shaking head like she’s giving a signer not to go down or something, this’s the only one possibility i can think of in the meantime. I was really freaked out and i fucking want to go back so i just ran to the door and my whole body again slipped over, i was in my room again. i noticed myself still laying there and i tried to ‘stuff’ myself into my physical body, i had a real feeling on my physical body like something snook in and then clicked, my eye was open, i’m back!